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Unique Wine Experiences

The wine experiences that I currently offer are created from research and passion in each of the areas!  I am thrilled to be able to share the experience with you and your guests!

Day Notes

Red Wine Aroma Experience Your guests will be treated to a unique wine experience that involves blind tastings of different wines as we discuss and learn about the aromas in each wine.  You will have the opportunity to guess the different primary, secondary and tertiary aromas before we reveal what the winemaker has noted in the wine!

Rose' All Day

Rose’ Tasting and Pairing Experience My research has taught me much about a beautiful wine that gets pigeonholed for hot summer days only!  I will share with you how different Rose' wines are made and allow you to discover which region is your favorite for enjoyment any time of day and season!

A Sparkle Kind of Day

Sparkling Wines Experience A little sparkle goes a long way!  During this wine experience your guests will become bubble investigators as they look closely at the bubbles of a Champagne, a Cava, and a Prosecco side by side!  After investigating with their eyes, they will be using their taste buds too to enjoy the bubbles from all over the world!  While you listen to how different sparkling wines are made, you will also be able to try tiny bites to go along with each of the sparkles!

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